Premier Exports Private Limited
Head Office: House No.213 Block G3, M.A Jauhar Town, Lahore, Pakistan.


The novel coronavirus, since its first case reported in December 2019, has made colossal and ever-lasting impact on the global operations and thus the global economy. Government of Pakistan has taken strict measures to contain the spread of the virus by enforcing social distancing. We, at Premier Exports, are working tirelessly to develop mechanism and new online resources in response to the crisis.


Measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 that apply to all workplaces and all people at the workplace include frequent hand-washing or disinfection with alcohol based hand sanitizer, respiratory hygiene such as covering coughs, physical distancing of at least 1 meter or more according to the national recommendations, wearing of masks where distancing is not possible, regular environmental cleaning and disinfection, and limiting unnecessary travel. Clear policies and messages, training, and education for staff and managers to increase awareness of COVID-19 are essential. The management of people with COVID-19 or their contacts is also critical e.g. requiring workers who are unwell or who develop symptoms to stay at home, self isolate and contact a medical professional or the local COVID-19 information line for advice on testing and referral.


At Premier Exports, we strictly abide by the regulations laid down by W.H.O regarding prevention and transmission of COVID-19.


Do you ship items from COVID effected countries?

No, our goods are not imported across COVID effected territory. Our factory is in the Pakistan. According to CDC-There is currently no data to suggest the spread of COVID-19 associated with foreign products, and no reports of COVID-19 associated with imported goods have been recorded in Pakistan.


Is your brand following precautionary steps?

Like we have mentioned, ensuring the consumer remain healthy and have the greatest service on our website is our prime concern. Free equipment (gloves, helmets, sanitizers, etc.) is given to our staff and we make sure to use it before creating your suit. Our workers are always being tested to ensure sure they remain in good health. In this unexpected scenario we track any staff and whether any employee is infected with COVID-19 or found any related signs are put into quarantine.


Is there going to be any delay in orders?

In this crucial situation of global melt down, which has disrupted the entire planet, you can encounter minor delays in obtaining orders We continue to strive to insure that your ordered goods are in stock and shipped on schedule, without any slowdowns.

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